Case Studies

Dr. Aaron Fenster, CIMTEC Chief Scientific Officer and Centre Director

Dr. Aaron Fenster is making the use of radiation seeds in breast cancer treatments more efficient and accurate.

The Virtual Possibilities team

The LaparoGuard system integrates hardware and software to provide imageless, soft tissue surgical navigation that will help reduce and prevent instrument-on-tissue collisions that cause injury during laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Oleh Antonyshyn, Glenn Edwards & James Mainprize

Pioneering technology allows life-changing skull defect reconstructions of any size, shape or complexity using custom molds to create patient-specific titanium craniomaxillofacial surgical implants.

NerveVision principals, Jay Freedman and Lionel Lenkinski

Longitudinal 3D visualizations for mapping, measuring, and analyzing nerves to pinpoint disruptions such as entrapments, impingements, tumours, and dislocations before any treatment is considered or undertaken.

Peter Oakham, Chief Engineer, XLV Diagnostics

Millions of women worldwide will potentially gain access to early breast cancer detection through the use of more cost-effective, X-ray Light Valve (XLV) technology integrated within a custom-made, economic, digital mammography machine.

Dr. T. Nathan Yoganathan, President and CSO, KalGene Pharmaceuticals

Delivering a novel therapeutic molecule across the blood-brain barrier to prevent amyloid beta from aggregating into harmful plaques.

Dr. Chicuong La, Founder and CEO, Focal Healthcare

Dramatically improving the standard of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment by enabling urologists to co-register MRI prostate images with live ultrasound to accurately target suspicious cancer regions during transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) biopsy and prostate cancer therapy procedures.

Amol Karnick, Enhanced Medical, CIMTEC customer case study

A novel imaging technology that uses electromagnetic and acoustic waves to enhance ultrasound images that significantly improve identification of suspicious tissue and tumours in any number of applications – liver and prostate are the focus of the first products to market.

Perfint Healthcare

The potential to profoundly impact liver cancer treatment in developing countries such as India, North Asia and part of Europe where access to CT and MR scanners is extremely limited.

CIMTEC customer, Dr. Ian Cunningham with DQEPro

Patient safety and care is substantially improved when clinicians can quickly and reliably ensure their x-ray equipment produces high-quality images with the lowest possible exposure to radiation.