Technology Development Services

Engineering solutions to help your innovation succeed.

Dr. Aaron Fenster, CIMTEC Chief Scientific Officer and Centre Director

CIMTEC can help you develop the software and hardware associated with your medical and digital pathology innovation. Our technology development team offers specialized skills and capabilities with extensive commercial experience.

We have solved difficult technical challenges for customers in image-guided interventions, algorithm development and in providing enhanced mechatronics design to satisfy commercial requirements for clinical application.

Our Technology Development Services include:

Image Processing: Customized, clinically-validated image processing algorithms for rapid segmentation, registration and classification.

3D Visualization: Clinical graphical user interface (GUI) development, multi-modal 3D imaging and real-time quantification.

Mechatronics Design: Design and manufacture of prototypes with expertise in motion control and image-guided interventions.

Systems Design: Ensure that systems integrate smoothly into clinical workflow with attention to training requirements, impacts of pathology process developments and optimizing performance for time savings.

Working with CIMTEC is a collaborative process.

We will work with you to determine the best approach for your project and develop a plan that details how to achieve your project goals.

Make CIMTEC part of your team.

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