Our Capabilities

CIMTEC’s team is highly skilled in the development of medical imaging and digital pathology technologies. We have access to clinicians, fabrication facilities and other resources to move your product along the commercialization continuum. CIMTEC's expertise in medical imaging has allowed us to extend our reach to cover medical devices in general with data analytics, machine learning, and algorithm development

The following will give you greater insight into CIMTEC’s specialized capabilities within the broad areas of image processing, 3D visualization and mechatronics design.

Hardware and Software Design and Prototyping

CAD drawing

We can take your proven concept and design commercial quality hardware or software prototypes to your specifications.

Our mechanical engineers are experienced in the design and fabrication of novel surgical mechatronics systems. They can create CAD drawings and build cost-effective working prototypes in our on-site fabrication facility. CIMTEC also has access to other facilities and specialized resources such as a 3D printer.

Multi-modality Systems and 2D to 3D Imaging

Our image processing and algorithm development capabilities span the following systems:

  • Ultrasound
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic Resonance (MR)
  • PET

CIMTEC has software developers with highly specialized skills in 2D to 3D medical image processing and algorithm development to facilitate minimally invasive, robotic image-guided static and real-time procedures.

Algorithm Development and Digital Pathology

We have engineers with extensive backgrounds in commercial algorithm development, including image registration and segmentation. CIMTEC has expertise focused on the challenges presented by the introduction of digital pathology. Our team is available to help you work toward solutions for your digital pathology project. Read more about our digital pathology services.

CIMTEC can help close the loop in the product development cycle. We have links to local hospitals and clinical infrastructure in London and Toronto, which can facilitate evaluation of new imaging technologies through clinical testing.


User Interface (UI) Design

Creating a user interface that is simple and safe to operate is necessary to pass human factors regulatory testing for usability.

To build a UI from the ground up, CIMTEC offers user interface design services that take a project through four phases:

  1. Research lays the groundwork by profiling your users, their environment and their clinical tasks.
  2. Discovery is about design exploration, generating varied design concepts and bringing them to life through storyboards and simple, interactive prototypes.
  3. Refinement includes interations with refinements based on feedback from prospective users.
  4. Transition is about documenting, packaging and delivering the design.

We can also provide conceptual blueprints, which are high level designs for a user interface of a new product or point release, as well as user interface improvements for existing UIs.

Partnerships and Linkages

CIMTEC has developed partnerships and linkages with commercialization offices, funders, investors and other technology development companies that allow us to provide our customers access to a greater pool of expertise, knowledge and funding opportunities to help their medical imaging innovations succeed.

Make CIMTEC part of your team.

Call us toll free at 1-855-853-5155 to discuss your innovation and to schedule an appointment. Or email us at info@cimtec-canada.ca

Prototype of CT Sabre showing CIMTEC developed six degree of freedom capability.