Mission, Vision, Goals

"Medical imaging is foundational to the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease and Canada is recognized around the world for excellence in medical imaging research. At CIMTEC, we are excited and proud to play an important role in helping Canadian researchers and companies commercialize their groundbreaking innovations with the potential to affect human health outcomes."

Dr. Aaron Fenster, Chief Scientific Officer, CIMTEC

CIMTEC was created to facilitate the commercialization of world-leading medical technology.

Our mission is to enable and accelerate commercialization of medical innovations, ensuring that Canada’s investment in technology translates into economic growth and job creation.

Our vision is to be the driving force in the advancement and growth of the Canadian medical technology sector, and to ultimately create better health outcomes for Canadians and people around the world.

CIMTEC’s four goals are to:

  1. Support researchers and small to medium-sized medical enterprises (SMEs) with critical expertise, technical capabilities and infrastructure to allow them to grow and create high-tech jobs and economic growth in Canada.
  2. Promote commercialization by cultivating new strategic partnerships and investments enabling research investments to become commercial products, thus increasing economic growth and job creation.
  3. Provide advanced training opportunities within the medical technologies sector to create knowledge and skill advancement opportunities and produce highly qualified people with commercialization expertise.
  4. Improve human health by improving understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.