Contract engineering to help commercialize medical innovations

  • "One of the greatest benefits of working with CIMTEC is the continuity and coherence that comes from its ability to provide assistance along the entire continuum of commercialization; from product development and technical know-how to considering regulatory issues as part of the commercialization process."
    CIMTEC Customer, Mo Abdolell, President and Founder, Densitas Inc.
  • “CIMTEC is effectively leveraging OICR funds through its expertise in medical imaging technologies. They have the knowledge and capacity to accelerate translation of imaging tools and techniques for earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, bringing them into clinical use faster. That’s important to OICR because it helps us achieve our goal of improved outcomes for cancer patients.”  
    Dr. Nicole Onetto, Deputy Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
  • “In principle, we could have gone to any machine shop. But, having a one-on-one, interactive level of involvement with peers who have insight into medical imaging devices combined with mechanical expertise was key for us. We would love to work with CIMTEC again.”
    CIMTEC customer, Dr. Ian Cunningham, President and Founder, DQE Instruments
  • "The team at CIMTEC is collaborative and both listens to and understands the needs of their partners. Our experience with CIMTEC was positive based on a thoughtful team approach to finding solutions."
    Jolyon Burton, Bloom Burton & Co.
  • In this sector, nothing happens unless you trust the people you’re in the room with. The personality of CIMTEC and its people, as well as the extensive expertise they bring to the table convinced us that we’d be crazy not to hire them. It’s been a great experience and it’s just the beginning.  
    CIMTEC Customer, Dr. Lionel Lenkinski, President & CEO, NerveVision
  • "The value of working with CIMTEC is huge for any company or researcher trying to bring an imaging innovation to the marketplace. Working with them was crucial for us because we didn't have the in-house expertise, knowledge or skills to build a sound business case. CIMTEC really made us focus on our value proposition."
    CIMTEC Customer, Danoush Hosseinzadeh, Chief Executive Officer, PathCore Inc.
  • "Without hesitation, I would recommend CIMTEC to any medical imaging and digital pathology researcher or company looking to monetize their discovery. CIMTEC is a valuable partner to MaRS Innovation and the companies in our medical device portfolio. They have the knowledge, expertise and connections to move customers through the commercialization process."
    Joel Liederman, Vice President, MaRS Innovation